Canine Quiz

Are You Ready to Handle with Care?

Here’s a quick little quiz you can take to decide if Handle with Care Dog Training is right for you and your dog!

When I tell my dog to sit

a) he sits after I say “sit” “sit!” “sit!” “sit!”
b) he jumps up on me
c) he barks at me
d) he sits right away

When I ask my dog to lie down

a) she lies down and pops right up again
b) she gives me her paw
c) she rolls over
d) she lies down and settles

When I ask my dog to come to me

a) he would rather not…so he doesn’t
b) he comes, and then runs past me before I can catch him
c) he runs even farther away hoping I will chase him…and I do!
d) he comes running to me and sits at my feet

When I tell my dog to stay

a) she doesn’t want to so she leaves
b) she doesn’t seem to understand the command, so she leaves
c) she stays for a moment but then gets distracted and leaves
d) she will stay until I tell her to leave

When company comes into my home, my dog

a) is so happy to see them he jumps all over them
b) is put in the back yard to keep him out of trouble
c) won’t let them into the house because he is protecting me
d) politely sits to greet them or goes and lies on his special spot

When I take my dog for a walk

a) he ends up taking me for a walk
b) he lunges and barks at other dogs
c) he nearly drags me up a tree to chase a squirrel
d) he walks nicely with me without pulling

If you answered “d” to all of the above, congratulations! If not, then call Handle with Care and I’ll show you how you can improve your dog’s behavior and enjoy a better relationship.  Call 805-328-8030, now servicing San Luis Obispo County.